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I’m taking the leap into blogdom. Because the world needs to know what one more person thinks.

With the infernal internal chatter in our own brains, what makes opening another window so appealing?

Apparently, we’re wired this way. We like the immediacy (or the dopamine); we seek out the stimulation from multitasking much as those squirrels who dash in front of cars seek the adrenaline rush. Till they, um, don’t.

After a speaking gig earlier this year, an exec of the professional association that sponsored the meeting called to say he’d made a referral. He then said something like, “Believe me, I’ve seen lots of diversity programs. What you do is different. Your approach needs to get out there.”

His words had a particularly meaningful impact. Like most people, I love positive feedback but this was different. It felt like encouragement of another order.

So now, I’m out here. And…

I want to be clear about my goals for launching yet another beeping (or is it bleeping?) satellite into the blogosphere. I want to:

  • Give you, my readers, ideas about how to make diversity work in your companies and communities.
  • Provide practical tools you can use to grow the diversity discussion and inspire effective action.
  • Contribute to the broader conversation on what diversity means, especially in the U.S.
  • Find out how I can contribute to your efforts.
  • Encourage deeper thinking about the role of diversity in our own lives and work, and how it underlies the most compelling issues of our times.

I hope you’ll join me here. I hope you’ll find things of value and things to share, and will comment on them. And I hope that if I veer too far from the goals set forth here, you’ll let me know!Coming up: Defining diversity, building an initiative, the assault on diversity and more…

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  1. Ada

    CONGRATS!! How exciting. I happen to agree with the exec that made such a brilliant, and obviously RIGHT ON, comment. I look forward to learning more and do hope to see you in person in the near future. the BEST to you….

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