Inclusion Answers Complexity


Come Together Right Now

The grief is relentless. The holiday season and our sense of ourselves have been upended by the slayings at Sandy Hook. The response must not be a pendulum swing. It must be the end of the cycle.

A Giving Guide


True gifts require nothing in return, but givers benefit from giving and U.S. philanthropy is building a new head of steam. Beyond the tax breaks, businesses can build relationships with new customer bases, improve reputations and contribute to the health of the communities in which they operate; individuals may also build relationships and improve lives. Your giving

As Texas Goes


Those of you thinking about highly qualified talent in the workforce of the future may want to keep an eye on Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin, a case taken up by the Supreme Court not too long ago. It could blow up your pipeline.

At issue is what’s called “The Top Ten Plan.” 



Don Whaley invented the “self-flipper.”  Dick Malott described this as a large rubber band worn loosely on the wrist to flick yourself every time you do some behavior you’re trying to change.  Whaley also invented a variable-time beeper to increase self-awareness. Randomly, the beeper would beep. If the wearer then immediately wrote down whatever they were thinking or doing, they would become more aware of their own cognitions and behavior. They might also learn more about themselves than they ever wanted to know.

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