"Jody Alyn is a consummate professional who brings thoughtful perspective, organization, and discipline to difficult organizational problems. She recently undertook the task of guiding a diverse 17 member steering committee through a problem with which the community had struggled for a number of years.  After a relatively short period, she had succeeded in bringing the group together and getting consensus for a set of shared objectives, provided a set of guiding documents, and established a true course for success for what is now the Peak Military Care Network. It was my privilege to have worked with her during the course of the project."

Wesley Clark

Major General (ret), United States Air Force

"The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute enlisted Jody Alyn’s support to assist in reaching a goal that eluded us for years: to become a fully inclusive organization – both internally and through the audiences we reach. With Jody’s guidance, for the first time, we made significant, tangible progress. From soliciting input from focus groups to training for all Board members and volunteers, Jody helped enlighten us all. We implemented her suggestions, and modified our internal processes with great success.

Most importantly, Jody’s overall approach to this sometimes challenging issue is remarkable. She introduces ideas and concepts that can potentially make people uncomfortable in a very accessible and non-threatening manner. She is incredibly well-informed, and her credibility on this topic is one of the things that make her so effective. Perhaps most telling about Jody’s impact is this comment by a new Board member: “I’ve served on many Boards, all of which desire to be fully inclusive, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen actual concrete action and change take place.”

Linda Broker

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute

"Once again you have succeeded in sharing valuable knowledge with our attendees that has instant applicability to issues they are facing on their dockets."

Candace Mosley

Director of Programs, National District Attorneys Association

“Jody Alyn Consulting worked with us to implement immediate steps and long-term strategy to change our culture. I could tell as the atmosphere shifted. Employees now bring suggestions for specific changes directly to me. They talk more openly and take responsibility for action at various levels, even with recent cuts....  The expertise we developed in working with Jody allows us to provide leadership to others. I highly recommend Jody Alyn Consulting for any level of diversity development. She has had a fantastic impact on our organization.”

Greg Mitchell

President and CEO (ret), Colorado Technical University of Southern Colorado

"It is a pleasure to refer to you. I am always assured of a quality product."

Cathy Robbins

Vice President, El Pomar Foundation

"When [Jody Alyn] began her affiliation with the City of Colorado Springs, the City’s diversity initiative was floundering and unfocused…. Over the years [she worked with us], our accomplishments were outstanding. It was her vision, plan, guidance and perseverance that got us to where we are....”

Lorne C. Kramer

City Manager (ret) and former Police Chief, City of Colorado Springs

"Jody came into our organization at a very stressful time, as both internal and external criticism was being leveled.... [She] capably stepped in and immediately began to formulate a multi-pronged approach to address a wide variety of concerns....  Jody has extraordinary talents in the areas of planning, training and communicating.  I believe, though, her greatest ability is in setting a vision that can be understood and then establishing a logical plan of action to achieve the desired results."

Paul D. Butcher

Director, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (ret), City of Colorado Springs

"Jody has a remarkable talent for bringing diverse people together toward a common goal.  She is a skilled organizer who combines strong analytic abilities with personal integrity to get the job done."

Richard Skorman

Owner and CEO, Poor Richard's Complex, and former Vice-Mayor, Colorado Springs

"[Jody Alyn Consulting] demonstrated a superior ability to troubleshoot complicated people problems and facilitate group development....  Jody is an expert at facilitating team performance by helping employees break down those conflicts that interfere with good communication." 

Joseph J. Massouda

Chief, Maintenance Division, Directorate of Logistics, Fort Carson, CO

"Here are some of the comments I got back regarding your presentation:  'Very entertaining.' 'She was great. Awesome!' 'She kept things moving - great presentation skills.' 'I learned a lot.' 'I have a new knowledge... - and that is great.' 'She had her stuff in line...' 'We should consider the 4-day program.' '...very educational.'

Thanks so much, Jody, for providing a new dimension to our training for students on our campus....  You are awesome."

Carmen Abeyta

Associate Director for Campus Life, CU Colorado Springs

"Jody Alyn Consulting brought great expertise, clarity and professionalism to building a long-term diversity action plan for our school district.  Jody's personal dedication... added to her strong organizational skills and her ability to see the big picture and bring all the parts together. She and her team partnered with us to accomplish the project fully and within our means.  The result:  an outstanding guide for the future...."

Marvin R. Adams

Director, Equal Opportunity Programs & Ombudservices, Colo Springs School District 11 and Commissioner, Colorado Civil Rights Commission

"Your keynote inspired and enlightened attendees...  your programs were highlights of the conference."

Brian Greene

Colorado SHRM Diversity Director

"Ms. Alyn's organizational, administrative, networking and communication skills contributed to the unprecedented growth and success of Food For Thought Gatherings.  Ms. Alyn understands the team concept in an organizational setting and used this asset to foster harmony, growth and focus at each level within the organization."

Thomas J. Bennett, Jr.

CEO, International Provider Services and FFTG Past Board President

"I trained to become a diversity trainer under Jody Alyn's leadership. I was very impressed with Jody's teaching and coaching techniques, presentation style, and passion in her work.  But nothing could have prepared me for the class we delivered the day after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  Two in our audience had family members within the Twin Towers vicinity...  they shared the horror they experienced....  Many members of our class were justifiably angry....

Jody was able to harness their passion and use the experience to deliver the most unforgettable lesson in diversity and inclusion that I have ever experienced.  Jody's leadership and vision as she led us through that difficult day has sincerely changed the way I view humanity, as well as my own responsibilities with regard to patriotism, diversity, inclusion, and forgiveness. Jody truly lives what she teaches." 

Brenda Quiñones