Organizational Culture Quiz


We have clearly defined what we mean by the words, “diversity,” “inclusion” and “equity.”

Diverse representation and inclusive behavior are modeled from the top down.

Plans, policies and performance measures are in place and reviewed regularly to ensure accountability for inclusive practices at all levels.

We communicate effectively across different styles, languages and media, as well as across teams and levels.

We are successful at gathering information we can use from the widest variety of our stakeholders.

People representing different groups and interests are included and participate in "outside-work" gatherings, like lunches or golf games, where information may be informally exchanged.

Ideas for improvement from all levels and backgrounds are encouraged, welcomed and rewarded.

Extra work tasks and assignments that enhance employee development, visibility and career-growth are accessible to all.

People representing different groups and interests are intentionally engaged and equipped to perform in all organizational structures and functions.

Our culture is characterized by cooperation, openness and respectful interaction around differences.

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