Personal Inclusion Quiz


I clearly understand what is meant by the words “diversity,” “inclusion” and “equity.”

I am almost always able to work across boundaries to get the job done.

I am curious about others’ perspectives and welcome opportunities to examine my own assumptions and behavior.

I adjust how I communicate to match my listeners’ styles, abilities and needs.

I seek out different perspectives, even when those perspectives challenge my ways of doing things.

I maintain a strong, mutual network of colleagues and associates with a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, identities, ideas and experiences.

I share information and support the work of other people regardless of whether there is a direct benefit to me.

I speak up when I see behavior or practices that limit others’ full participation.

I can quickly assess a workplace or team culture and determine whether that culture is open to new ideas about how to get the work done.

I can adapt my behavior to support inclusive practices in many different types of work and community environments.

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