Reflection on Democracy and Diversity

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Last week, in a post about preliminary census results, I couldn’t resist a plug for the democracy envisioned by the founders of the United States.  May I say that neither history nor government was my strong suit in school?  Yet the more I learn, the more struck I am by the foresight of this country’s… Read more »

Truth, Empathy and Giving Thanks

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Lisa Nesselson said: “If you used to have money, currently have money or hope to have money some day, drop what you’re doing – including working to make money – and see Charles Ferguson’s astonishingly pertinent documentary, Inside Job.” That movie brings up elephants in the room of every organization today. Speaking truth helps you… Read more »


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A term I hadn’t seen much popped up in an email last week:  false equivalency. The term was used in an account of an assault on an activist associated with the group,, by a supporter of Rand Paul’s Senate campaign. You’ve probably seen it. Paul’s campaign put out a statement condemning violence “on both… Read more »

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