Of Minds and Media

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It’s not news that the news media is in crisis. In search of higher ratings and broader circulation, media outlets have over time abandoned the primary role of news: to provide people with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, communities, societies and governments.[i] The 2016 election cycle seemed to… Read more »

Signs Along the Road

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“Los arboles purifican al aire,” said the standard brown road sign on the side of the Pan American Highway heading south into Quito. We passed it so quickly I wasn’t sure what I’d seen. Share

Thinking About Change

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Innovation is born of new perspectives; of fertilizing one way of thinking with another. Organizationally this happens when different people, who have different information, come together and use what they know in new ways to serve common goals.  Individually this happens when each person understands, and goes beyond, the limits of their own thinking. Share

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