High impact learning

A learning organization, according to Peter Senge, is one that continually expands its capacity to create its desired future. The most successful organizations promote the learning of their members and of “learning how to learn together.” That’s the vision behind our educational options.

We begin with the premise that everyone has something to teach and something to learn.  We customize training to fit your organization’s needs and strengths. Then we help your participants tackle tough topics in the most positive and practical ways so that their focus can stay on the work that needs to be done.

Workplace Inclusion Classes and Courses

People don’t always find it easy to talk about inclusion and equity. We teach the language, the behavior and the practices you need to shape a functional culture that prioritizes working well together. We challenge assumptions — including those about diversity training — while we build group cohesion and capacity.

Learning Circle Programs

These programs offer the highest degree of customization, employee contribution and self-direction. They also provide an alternative for organizations with staffing and operational demands that challenge traditional training formats.

Inclusion Matters: Public Enrollment Programs

Healthy communities are inclusive communities. Bring a public program to your area.

Media and culture

Mass media is one of the single most powerful influences in shaping the culture in which we live. Culture includes ideas about diversity and diverse groups. Often, messages that most affect people’s thinking are hidden beneath the surface. The term “mass media” refers to all media that reaches large numbers of people, including television, radio, film, print, billboards, signs, recorded music, video games, the Internet and other digital forms of communication.

When you develop your abilities to access, analyze, evaluate and even create media, you become more aware of how you are being influenced and more immune to distraction.  You can make more informed choices and mitigate the effects of implicit bias.

We integrate aspects of media education into all our inclusion training and other educational programs.  We also offer specialized programs on the role of media in shaping public consciousness about diversity, inclusion and equity.