Am i included?

In order to contribute, people want to know: how am I included in this group?

Teams are groups that work together to achieve a common purpose, with shared accountability for results. Team members bring different attributes, backgrounds and skills to the task at hand. When teams work well, their results can be extraordinary. Yet it’s not enough just to bring different people together.

Just like individuals, teams go through stages in their development. In every stage, there are things teams must resolve before they can be productive.

We provide the inspiration, information and guidance that teams need to do critical work, whether they are in the start-up phase or a mature group looking to resolve challenges or reinvigorate.

Dedicated diversity leadership teams can be a powerful tool for change.

Internal leadership teams or councils can guide decision-making and provide quality assurance for positive change throughout an organization. To be effective in driving inclusive practices, however, these teams must have knowledge of what needs to change and the power to change it. Potlucks and training days won’t cut it.

By following a clear process and a clear charter that fits your organization, you can eliminate common pitfalls these groups encounter. We will build your council with the knowledge, skills, abilities and relationships that members need to provide credible leadership and effective partnerships.