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Another Transformation Tip™

Linguistic competence, like cultural competence, can help advance your goals. Speak Español LLC in Denver promotes Spanish/English bilingualism among professionals to help them expand their client base or gain a competitive advantage in the workplace and job market. Owner Adrienne Crowson uses this handy “cheat sheet” tool to help English speakers spell Spanish words – as well as names of new clients, colleagues and customers.


Á ALT+0193 á ALT+0225
É ALT+0201 é ALT+0233
Í ALT+0205 í ALT+0237
Ó ALT+0211 ó ALT+0243
Ú ALT+0218 ú ALT+0250
Ñ ALT+0209 ñ ALT+0241/td>
¿ ALT+0191 ¡ ALT+0161