What it does

Assessment is a tool for taking a clear-eyed look at what is going on in your organization or situation.

ClipboardGood assessment guides effective planning and action. Assessment data can provide feedback about different aspects of your organization and offer a “baseline” for measuring progress going forward. Key factors that affect your success inside the organization and in your outside environment can also be put on the table for discussion. Assessment can identify key factors that affect your success as well as critical needs for resources, training and solutions.

What’s more, assessment – done well – provides an opportunity to build positive relationships, engagement and understanding with the variety of stakeholders whose commitment is essential to your success.

How we do it

Together with you, we design the most effective and inclusive assessment process to fit within your parameters. We use a combination of these methods:

  • Individual interview
  • Focus group
  • Survey or questionnaire
  • Organizational review

Assessment is only as good as the use that you can make of it. We’ll help you choose the right timing, get the right information from the right source and use your findings to your best advantage.

Check out Jody’s free survey checklist in her blog post, Survey Mania.