ASPIRE™ to create
positive cultural change

mapWe offer a strategic, systems-focused approach to building equity and inclusion in the workplace. It is represented by the acronym, ASPIRE™.

First, we introduce leaders to the process and integrate your business priorities. Then, we implement our six-step model for positive cultural change: Assess, Set goals, Plan, Implement, Reassess and Embed the best practices. Our model includes clear definitions; clear measures of progress and comprehensive, cross-cutting cultural change practices directed at the real work of your business. It serves as a compass to guide your progress.

Effective implementation focuses on four strategic areas of inclusive practice:

  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Training and development
  • Systems alignment

We call these ACTS™ for change. They make diversity work for you. With these ACTS™, you will achieve the behavioral and cultural elements that help people work better together and improve outcomes.